Anderson’s Elete Electrolyte Add-in 250ml

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Elete Electrolyte Add-in is nature’s perfect balance of magnesium, potassium and sodium for any time hydration is important, such as before during and after workouts, when enjoying saunas, during hot yoga or even during consumption of alcohol.

Features and Benefits:
- Turn any drink into a sports drink.
- Won’t damage or stain water bottles and hydration packs.
- Serious electrolytes without any sugar, carbohydrates, sweeteners, colours, flavors preservatives etc.
- 100% natural electrolytes.
- Great for hydrating after the dehydration effects of alcohol consumption.

Recommended Dosage: Adults Mix 1 serving (2.46mL) with 1 Litre of fluid and consume as needed during strenuous exercise. For adult use only.

Medicinal Ingredients: (per dose unit/ 2.46mL)

Concentrated Desalinated Inland Sea Water - 0.27mL {Contains 9% magnesium/ 24.3mg and 1.6% sodium/ 2.7mg)

Sea Salt - 1.25mL (Contains 1% magnesium / 20.5mg and 9% sodium/ 114.0mg)

Potassium chloride -224mg (Contains 52.4% potassium/ 130mg).

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Purified water.

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