Bell Migraid Headache Relief 30 caps

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#15 Migraid® Headache Relief

A well-established formula, featuring feverfew extract and more to help prevent migraine headaches. Can be taken for the prevention and prophylaxis of migraine headaches.

- Helps prevent migraine headaches.
- Provides soothing comfort.
- Feverfew is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve headaches.
- Migraid® Headache Relief contains feverfew and skullcap, two well-researched herbal ingredients. 
- Helps reduce the severity and/or frequency of migraine headaches and associated symptoms such as -  nausea and vomiting, when taken as a prophylactic.
- Skullcap is traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve restlessness/nervousness (calmative) and as a sleep aid.

Medicinal Ingredients: Feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium) (herb top) (1.6 mg parthenolide) 200 mg, Skullcap extract 10:1 (Scutellaria lateriflora) (herb top) 160 mg (DHE 1600 mg), Butterbur extract 10:1 (Petasites hybridus) (root) (PA-free*) 90 mg (DHE 900 mg), Magnesium (magnesium citrate) 26 mg. *Pyrrolizidine alkaloids free.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Mentha piperita leaf extract, hypromellose, microcrystalline cellulose, silicon dioxide, magnesium stearate.

Suggested Use: Adults: Take 1 capsule daily. Take with or after food. Reduce the dosage gradually if treatment is to be paused or discontinued.

Duration of Use: For the prevention and prophylaxis of migraine headaches, use for a minimum of 4-6 weeks to see beneficial effects. Consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond 4 months.

Cautions and Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Consult a healthcare practitioner if symptoms persist or worsen. Consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if you are taking blood thinners. Consumption with alcohol, other drugs and/or natural health products with sedative properties is not recommended. Consult a healthcare practitioner if sleeplessness persists continuously for more than 3 weeks (chronic insomnia).

Contraindications: Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not use if you are allergic to plants of the Asteraceae/Compositae/Daisy family. 

Known Adverse Reactions: Hypersensitivity, such as an allergy has been known to occur; in which case, discontinue use. Some people may experience sore mouth, mouth ulcers and/or gastrointestinal discomfort. Some people may experience drowsiness. Exercise caution if operating heavy machinery, driving a motor vehicle or involved in activities requiring mental alertness.

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