Bulletproof Brain Octane 473ml

C$42.95 Excl. tax


-Reliable and quick source of energy from fat not sugar

-Helps your body burn fat

-Supports cognitive performance

-Quality fats that don’t weigh you down

-Distilled from 100% pure coconut oil

-Accessible quality fats on-the-go


Brain Octane is naturally found in coconut oil in small quantities, and we concentrate it to provide you with the purest energy source possible. Brain Octane rapidly provides mental and physical energy, powering your day by supporting cognitive function and keeping you satisfied and free from food cravings. Add it to your daily routine, and experience the state of high performance.

As soon as you consume Brain Octane, it is rapidly absorbed and changed into ketone bodies – providing instant energy to the brain without breaking down glucose from sugars or carbohydrates. Brain Octane produces 4x the ketone energy of plain coconut oil, and also has potent anti-microbial effects that help support healthy digestion and immune function. Brain Octane is odorless, tasteless, and easy to add into any diet. Because your tongue has specific fat receptors, Brain Octane will enhance the taste of other foods without affecting their flavor.

Contains at least 10x the (C8) Caprylic acid (14g) per Tablespoon as in one tablespoon of Coconut oil (1.4g).

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