Joy of the Mountain Oil of Oregano 90 caps

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Joy of the Mountains™ Oil of Oregano – 100% Certified Organic
This award-winning product is derived from certified organic wildcrafted Origanum Minutiflorum, a rare and high-potency species found in the Mediterranean alpine. O.Minutiflorum yields consistently higher levels of Carvacrol, which is the primary active compound responsible for Oregano’s growing reputation as an infection fighter.

The essential oil of oregano is extracted from the flowers and leaves using steam-distillation, and later blended with certified organic extra virgin olive oil, at a safe dilution of 1:3 (25% oregano oil). Given oregano oil’s caustic nature, dilutions of 1:3, 1:4 and 1:5 are more gentle on the intestinal tract, yet still deliver an effective dose for colds, flu’s and other infections where Oil of Oregano is taken internally. Joy of the Mountains™ 1:3 dilution is also ideal for most topical applications, providing a strong dose of oregano oil with enough carrier oil to prevent irritation. Note that further dilution in olive oil is recommended for sensitive skin (i.e. face, genitals) and younger children.

Joy of the Mountains™ Oil of Oregano guarantees 75-85% Carvacrol, which is the highest potency possible for any oregano species. This is a non-standardized product, and this range accounts for natural fluctuations due to harvest season, climate, altitude and other factors. Non-standardized, unadulterated oils are referred to as “pure” oils because they have retained the naturally occurring phytochemistry of the plants. Aromatherapists are very careful in selecting only the highest quality “pure” oils for use in their practice.

Pure, naturally occurring oregano oil is known to be therapeutically superior to standardized oils that have been manipulated to guarantee a specific fixed amount of active compound (ie. 80% Carvacrol). Natural oregano oil is also superior to adulterated versions where Carvacrol is artificially boosted to unnaturally high levels (i.e. above 85%), using synthetic Carvacrol or specific techniques.

Joy of the Mountains™ is a Canadian family-owned business, operating since 2001. Our product is recognized each year at the prestigious Alive Awards of Excellence, in Toronto. In 2008, Joy of the Mountains™ Oil of Oregano was a two-time Gold Winner, chosen by Canadian retailers as the Best Herbal and Best Immune Product.

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